Bus Accident Leaves 2 Dead and 33 Injured

bus accident1

A bus crashed at approximately 7:15 a.m. Sunday morning. The wreck, one of the worst in recent memory according to emergency responders, left 2 passengers dead and sent another 33 to area hospitals for treatment of a variety of serious injuries. The bus hit a patch of ice, lost control and ultimately rolled the vehicle onto its side.  The accident remains under investigation.

The facts surrounding this terrible tragedy are disturbingly similar to those in another Greyhound Bus Accident case that recently went to trial in Dallas County, Texas. In that case, a Greyhound bus driver lost control of his vehicle in icy conditions, causing it to roll over and seriously injure several passengers. The Attorney successfully argued that Greyhound hired an unqualified driver, that he was improperly trained and that he failed to control his speed, causing the bus to roll over onto its side. The jury awarded our client, a 24 year-old woman, $2.2 million in damages and another $5 million in punitive damages after finding that the company was grossly negligent in causing the accident.

As “common carriers” under the law, bus companies have heightened obligations to their passengers. If an accident occurs due to poor vehicle maintenance or driver inattention, the company can be held responsible for any and all damages that result.

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